Friday, October 19, 2007


Two more sketch cards finished. I enjoyed using paint on the second one. Not very familiar with 2000AD. Hope they'll be liked by the fans.

I'm tracking lots of my Trilogy cards on eBay; they're being sold for mad amounts. I wish I got paid that much for each card!

We're in the middle of moving house now, so I'll have to grab an odd hour here and there to work. Fingers crossed we sell and complete before Christmas.

Fun and frock coats

I saved up for many months to have this very special replica Eighth Doctor outfit made. I love it to bits. I doesn't get aired very often, but it did get worn at Regenerations the other weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back again...

Right, where were we? Oh yes. Accounts and tax returns done, my daughter happily ensconced in her new school... And it's not the one she was originally accepted into, but much better, much nearer home - yay! Two shows completed - Regenerations and Flight Through Eternity. Did a bit of gallivanting in my two Whovian costumes at Regenen(well, I don't get time to let my hair down very often!), and ended up in the local paper, with some friends. What a floozy! Good weekend though. Sold lots of prints, and 'Vote Saxon' badges, strangely...! Went rollerblading along Swansea sea front(thanks for giving me the idea, Russell T Davies) and hung out a bit with The Lords of Time.
Have also been trying to clear an obscene backlog of work, which I'm very ashamed about. Meanwhile, the sketch cards keep coming in. Two latest - above. Now working on a Hammer Horror set.
My sketch cards have been turning up on eBay and selling for amazing amounts. Never knew there was so much interest out there.