Monday, December 22, 2008

Sketches, pens and mince pie crumbs...

The title of this post refers to the chaos that has been my desk for the last few weeks.

I feel I'm getting somewhere now, as the number of projects to complete has finally been whittled down to ONE. Yippee!!!! This last task being a set of 53 Star Wars cards for Topps to complete for the beginning of January.

It won't be quite the break I'd planned over Christmas(nothing to do but rest, eat too much and watch TV), but maybe it will be good to keep my hand in and keep drawing. It's always hard going back to work after a break.

I did have a day off last Friday. I got the bus into the centre of Manchester and wandered round the Christmas Markets inhaling the tantalising aromas of food and mulled wine, and admiring the crafty, arty goods for sale. I returned home feeling really Christmassy!

So I've been juggling Christmas shopping and artwork for the last few weeks. And it seems to have somehow come together nicely. The new garland on the mantlepiece, lit with fairy lights is a new feature for our new home, and compliments the Christmas tree in the corner nicely. Rosie is so excited about Christmas, now she understands so much more about it. She'll be more of a joy to be with than usual on Thursday. Today, for instance, I took her ice-skating in the morning, then we played in the snow at the Chill Factore(indoor ski centre), followed by ice-cream, naturally! It's got to be done at this time of the year. She has gone to bed happy and exhausted.

The big canvas portrait is finished and as soon as it has been presented to a certain celebrity, will be posted up here. Until then I am sworn to secrecy, so bear with me. The latest batch of sketch cards for Strictly Ink are also finished and posted above. I will be working on some Professionals ones shortly.

To anyone who may stumble across this Blog, and to the kind people who occasionally give it a glance, may I wish you all a happy, joyous, peaceful Christmas and New Year.