Sunday, November 29, 2009

The limited edition prints are selling well on eBay. Only three left now.

I have begun selling the individual cards which make up the artwork used for the print. So if anyone would like a very special card, or cards to add to their collection...

the first Doctor is listed on eBay tonight:

More to follow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Star Trekkin'...

A recent sketch card commission and a personal project. Pencils on card. I was pleased with how these turned out. :)
As mentioned previously, I have had a very, very limited run printed of the above artwork. Only 10 prints! All signed and numbered, and bevel mounted on black card. Dimensions are: 550mm x 310mm, including mount.

I have just listed a print on eBay and will continue to list them, until they are all sold. Only a few remain as I sold some at the Darwen and Fab Cafe events recently.

They would make great Christmas presents, so grab an exclusive!

If you would like to order direct from me, the prints are £19.99 each, postage free. I accept Paypal orders.

I will be selling the individual sketch cards which make up the artwork on eBay shortly.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yay! Finally managing to shake the flu off. Back to work today, playing catch-up. I feel like I've fallen so far behind! I've just had to turn down some work for January because I've got so much to do. Need to say 'no' more often, methinks! Then I might not get so worn out!

The three cards above went on eBay last night:

Worked hard on two nice sketch cards today. I'm really pleased with them. Will post them as soon as they are approved.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on eBay tonight:

Zoe and a cyberman.

Only a short, three day listing, this one.
The Fab Cafe event in Manchester last weekend, was rather 'Fab', for want of a better word. 'Fans Like Us' once again put on a great show, and all their guests made it too! There was a great atmosphere, and it was lovely to be made welcome and see some familiar faces. I did some work while I was there, completing a couple of sketch cards, despite the poor light, while I listened to the various panels. Sylvester McCoy was on good form, as were Terry Molloy, Mary Tamm and Terence Dicks(who sounds more and more like Patrick Moore to me, these days), among others. Charlie Ross kept things lively as interviewer and compere. I got the impression the audience had a great time.

At the time, I didn't know it, but I was coming down with a nasty dose of flu, which completely knocked me flat for the rest of the week. I'm used to being able to soldier through illnesses and still be able to function on some level, but this had me completely at the mercy of friends and family, who had to step in and get my daughter to and from school. I don't know when I last felt so ill!

Thankfully I'm on the mend, if somewhat slower than I would like and my appetite is coming back too. Non too soon, as the work doesn't stop coming in, even when you're ill!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Eleven Doctors ...

This is a piece of art I've been working hard on for a couple of weeks.
I unveiled it last weekend at Darwen. It is made up of 12 separate sketch cards.
I have produced a very limited print run of 10 from this piece, and hope to sell the sketch cards individually, or as a set, depending on interest.
I tried a slightly different style with these portraits, incorporating more colour into the shadow areas and leaving other areas indistinct. I've been inspired by various fantastic comic book artists just recently...

Listed on eBay from today:

The Third Doctor

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Darwen Doctor Who Day

I was up in deepest Lancashire on Saturday for The Dalek day at Darwen. It seemed to be a success, despite a disappointing turnout and the last minute cancellation of a major guest. The 20 odd people who did attend though had a good time, with a great interview panel led by David Howe and his partner Sam Stone, which included Eric Potts, Adrian Mills, Deborah Watling and Delia Lindon. The Hyde Fundraisers had an impressive line-up of creatures on display. I was particularly impressed with the Judoon trooper and committed him to sketch card when he wasn't looking. Just over 200 pounds was raised on the day for Cancer research. My original drawing of Rosita from The Next Doctor {above} raised 42 pounds towards that total.

I've decided to attend the Doctor Who Day at the Fab Cafe this coming Saturday, here in Manchester, since I have some stock left from last weekend. :-}

You can find details of the event here:

Listed on eBay tonight, on the auction format:
Judoon Trooper #1

Judoon Captain

Judoon Trooper #2

2nd Doctor and Jamie

I've revisited a more cartoony style with the monsters set, which is fun to do, and I have cybermen, cybershades and daleks lined up for future listings. I will be continuing with the fine pencil portraits too, with lots more coming up soon.