Saturday, February 09, 2013

On eBay and finishing soon:

Also listed just tonight, a Blakes 7 sketch of Roj Blake:

and two hand coloured line-art Artist Proof cards.

Red Sonja:

This week I have finished 10 cards for Cult-Stuff's Burlesque set.

From now until the middle of next week, I'll be working hard on a War of The Worlds set too:

No rest for the wicked! ;o)

Saturday, February 02, 2013

What a busy day it has been!
I've agreed to draw some sketch cards for Unstoppable Cards' upcoming Blake's 7 set.
I've completed a mini portrait of the 11th Doctor, using a different technique, to produce a retro look:

...and listed it on eBay:

I've updated my Etsy shop, with some new listings:

Joined Twitter:  @Timedancer8  and completed a load of admin!  Phew.

 I've just completed some cards for Cult-Stuff's Sherlock Holmes set too. My brief was to illustrate the first few stories - no recognisable portraits of actors allowed! I enjoyed reading the stories and illustrating them - all very visual!

Next project - War of The Worlds!

Looong overdue for an update, I think. I've been a bit busy over on FaceBook, so if you'll forgive me... :o)
Here are my cards for the Versicolor Bettie Page set #2, just been given permission to post them.