Friday, November 16, 2012

This is my contribution to this year's Children in Need appeal. It's a huge event over here in the UK, raising millions for children from all backgrounds, who need help in many different ways.

I have listed this sketch card on eBay. It will only be up for 24 HOURS ONLY. The auction will end tomorrow evening, to coincide with the Children in Need telethon and TV event.

90% of the sale price of this card will go to Children in Need. Please consider putting in a bid, it's for a very worthy cause and you never know, you may win the card!

I have just listed this card on eBay. The auction will end in 7 days from today. Happy Bidding!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just wanted to mention a Kickstarter project which has just been launched by Will Jarvis, creator of Erin Starfox.

If you would like to help get this book published, go check out the pledge page, there are lots of enticing ways to become a part of this project...

Did I mention that some of my artwork also features in the book?  ;-)