Wednesday, November 11, 2015

After a long hiatus here, I'm really excited to be able to announce my (small) involvement in Titan Comics' miniseries for the 8th Doctor!

Issue #1 has just been released:

I have produced artwork for issue #4, which is due out Feb 2016.
My cover is listed as a Forbidden Planet variant (subject to change) for issue #4.
You can pre-order it here:

The stories are written by George Mann and illustrated by Emma Vieceli:

Friday, July 10, 2015

New to my Etsy shop is 'Davros!' approved by Terry Molloy himself! You can purchase A4 glossy prints of this art either here:

Or from Terry himself at his stall, at his next convention appearance. :-)

I will also be selling A4 and mounted A5 versions of this art on my stall at a convention near you.

My next appearances at conventions are here(all in the UK):

York ComicCon - Sunday 30th August
Bolton ComicCon - Saturday September 5th
Blackpool Comic Con - Saturday September 12th
Dimensions, Newcastle-on-Tyne Fri-Sun 16th - 18th October
MovieCon Bolton, Sunday 8th November
Wigan Con Sat 5th December

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm very excited to have my work feature in The Seasons of War, a charity anthology, featuring tales about  John Hurt's War Doctor...and raising funds for Caudwell Children.

There's a great review, including a link to the short promo film here:

These are the sketches I produced, which were used in the film:

Once approved, my finished drawings were copied onto aged paper and used as part of the narrative of the film.

I also provided illustrations for a short story within the anthology, written by Kate Orman.
If you want to see those, may I suggest you make a small donation to Declan May's JustGiving page, which is raising money for Caudwell Children;