Friday, August 31, 2007

Sketch Cards ahoy!

Just completed another batch of cards for Strictly Ink - 52 cards for CSI Miami and CSI NY sets .

My John Barrowman canvas safely reached its new home today. I was quite attached to it in the end. It traveled to a number of shows with me.

Next job will be to tackle the dreaded tax returns. I've been putting them off for too long. As a result, I've got very behind on my accounts - yuck!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Daleks invade Manchester!

I was at down at the Museum of Science and Industry today with family members, to see an invasion of Daleks!
There's currently a large Doctor Who Exhibition at the museum. So the organisers decided it would be the ideal venue to attempt a world record for the largest number of daleks in one place at the same time!
50 was the number to beat and 68 turned out - yay!
The challenge was open to people dressed as daleks, as well as the real thing, so there were a wonderful array of costumes on display. I was very impressed by the amount of time which had gone into all the costumes, including a whole 'family' of identical 'people' daleks, in various sizes...
Ray Cusick - the original BBC designer of the Daleks, and the Chief Constable of Manchester's Police Force were on hand to officiate and count the daleks in attendance.
Chris(aka the 10th Doctor) from the Hyde Fundraisers was there to keep a close eye and a steady sonic screwdriver trained on the daleks. I also spotted a 9th Doctor blending into the crowd and a gold, very vocal Hyde Fundraiser dalek too.
All in all, a grand day out. My daughter and her cousin 'killed' a few daleks with their sonic screwdrivers and Rosie went very shy on meeting 'the Doctor'.
I wish I'd had time to make a costume for her, but I suspect she would have refused to wear it!
Nice coverage in the local news tonight too. We managed to keep out of camera shot, phew!

Captain Jack!

I've been working on canvas, just for a change. I like the classical feel you can get with portraits. I've long been a fan of Caravaggio in particular, and his use of warm rich light against deep shadow. The above canvas is only small (8"x8") and it is sold already, so I'm trying to finish it asap!
Meanwhile, or at the same time, I'm working on some more sketch cards for Strictly Ink. CSI Miami and NY this time. I'll post some examples as soon as they're complete. Only 13 more to go!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Time Was..."

The kind people at "Time Was" have agreed to sell some of my artprints and greetings cards at their online shop and various shows they attend. Go check out their webpage. I've put a link in the 'Linky Thingies' section, or use the address in the button above.

I'm also selling some unmounted prints on eBay and my mounted prints and greetings cards are still available by mail order. If you'd like a catalogue, contact me at

Friday, August 17, 2007

Daleks, daleks everywhere...

The Dalek Invasion Event was a grand success. Over 2,000 people passed through the door, many of them still queueing to get in at 3pm! I think the organisers where taken by surprise by the crowds. I counted 9 daleks through the course of the day, many of them mobile and vocal! They were very popular with all the children. Steve and I were helped on our stalls by our friend and fellow Lord of Time; Maureen, whose company was much appreciated, as we were so busy all day!

I did manage to slip away and pay a quick visit to the resident Concorde. What a beautiful airplane. I can finally say I've been on Concorde, hah!

I was very impressed with Yeovilton Air museum. The staff were friendly, the displays beautifully presented and wonderfully interactive. It was well worth the long journey to get there.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, Alfreton was quite a disappointment in terms of print sales, or the lack of! All us dealers suffered, as the predicted crowds of people through the door decided to head for the beach instead, or the barbecue, or anywhere else outside in the glorious sun. And who would blame them after such a dismal summer so far? Luckily there were a few people who did come in to see Debra Watling, John Leeson and Kenny Baker. It can't be much fun being on stage with only a handful of people in the audience.

I spent most of the day painting behind my desk, so at least I got some work done, and I made a couple of contacts, which is always good and the reason one should always attend events - to network, and be seen. Even if the stall doesn't do well. Thankfully the stall does do well, most of the time. It was a pleasure to meet and chat to Debra Watling and have my portrait of her approved and to meet some new people, though not as many as usual. As already mentioned, the sunshine beckoned!

The one thing I really didn't enjoy on the day, was the screaming competition for budding (young) female companions of the Doctor... ouch!

This coming weekend, I'm on a long trek down to Somerset for a Dalek day at The Fleet Air Museum on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a good day this time. :) The above artwork is for the event.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Storming ahead

Finally, I'm getting round to some Star Wars artwork. The portrait of Yoda is coming along well too...