Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bernice Summerfield

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine landed on my doormat this morning. While flicking through its pages, getting excited at all the wonderful reference pics of The Master's latest incarnation, a little postscript caught my eye. An ad for the upcoming book all about Bernice Summerfield. This prompted a panicked jump onto the PC, to reply to an email sent me by the author some weeks ago. It contained questions for me to answer about my involvement in the Benny book covers "all those years ago". Eek! I'm hoping I haven't left it too late. I got all involved in other things and forgot to reply to him. Sorry Simon!

I've just finished another 50 cards for Strictly Ink. Bad Wolf and Carnival of the Monsters are looming and I still have commissions to start and to finish. Help!! Anyone got a Tardis they can lend me???

Oncoming Storm

The Oncoming Storm event was fun, if very hot! It was well attended and my stall did good business, though I'm aware I could do with more and better stock! Saw most of the guests wandering past to the Green Room. Many of my friends from 'The Lords of Time' were there and we had a little reunion. Popped out at lunch-time for a breather and came across a couple from the Medieval fair, walking round the shopping centre, introducing people to their four pet rats! I couldn't resist a handle, I like rats. Well, domesticated ones anyway. Unfortunately my cats would like them too, so I can never have one as a pet!
In the evening, after the event, the organisers arranged a showing of that night's Doctor Who episode 'Blink', in the little in house cinema. What a (scary)treat!
Three hours' drive home, munching melted chocolates to keep me awake!