Thursday, December 28, 2006

So how did it all start?

I've been reliably informed that age 2 or 3 I drew a huge elephant, using the whole of my blackboard, and proudly proclaimed it as such. So I guess it must have started there.

Various college courses ensued, following a promising start at school where I drew nothing but horses... The degree was fun, though I came away rather disillusioned. Nobody seemed to want a"naive", "traditional" artist.

Before this turns into a sob story, I met some great friends and a wonderful husband while at Uni, so no complaints there!

Moving swiftly on to 1998, after working for some years in the animal care profession(while dreaming of being an artist), my mind was still ringing with images from the TV Movie. They had to have an outlet. The above image was the result. I called the painting 'Inspiration' because it sparked so many more paintings and set me off on a most interesting journey, which still continues to amaze me.

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