Sunday, January 14, 2007

Airbrushing techniques

Good day today. Dusted off the rollerblades and took them for a spin in the cold sun, after a session gathering photo ref on the web for a Sarah Jane Smith painting. Then ( fellow artist Steve will be so proud of me), for the rest of the afternoon, I played with my airbrush!!!

Best explain. I bought an Aztex A4709 set a few years ago, intending it to be a tool to create beautiful matt skies, which are difficult to do with brush and acrylic alone. Keith Scaife, whose work I greatly admire recommended a Badger, but the Aztex felt better when I tried them both out at the shop. I also liked the set of different sized interchangeable needles and cups, which came with it!

Since then I've used it once and never had the time, or a house free of inquisitive toddler to have another go.

Goodness what a messy business. Such endless cleaning of needles and cups and leaking paint of too thick and too thin consistency. Not to mention nose hairs coloured blue!!! THAT was a shocking side effect! I did manage some interesting bits and pieces. LOTS more playing and practicing to do. But at least I've made a start. I've been promising Steve I would for a long, long time. He'll have to find something else to rib me about now, hah!

Now I'm off for an evening's Line-dancing!

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