Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Red Hens

Artwork copyright Lou Partridge http://www.redhenartists.co.uk/
I just want to mention an impressive new website, designed and created from scratch, by a good friend of mine, Louise Partridge. Lou is a co-founder of The Red Hen Artists group, based in Worthing and Brighton, Sussex.
Lou is a busy little bee. She not only works for a theatre company by day, but is also a talented artist, photographer and co-organiser of art exhibitions and workshops. She also helps out at local archelogical digs...I don't know where she finds the time, or energy!
Here's a bit of blurb, shamelessly lifted from the Red Hen website:

"...the idea of the group is that it brings together and motivates the artists to keep on aiming for their goal of making a good income from what they love to do. Previously the artists had found it difficult to find opportunities to show their work in Brighton & Hove as individuals, and the name ‘Red Hen’ comes from the children’s story of the little red hen who decided, as no-one would help her with her project, to ‘do it herself’! "

Go have a peek, using the link above, or under the 'Linky Thingies' section. I am shameless in my promotion of this site because I'm very proud of all that Lou has achieved. It's not easy earning a living as an artist, unless you're very lucky, or well connected!

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