Sunday, July 29, 2007


"So little to do, so much time. No. Stop. Strike that, reverse it...!"

As I mentioned the esteemed Lords of Time in a recent entry, I thought I'd post a piccy or two of the motley crew - there you go! Not all of us are represented, as we're rather a large collection of Bohemian Bods, spread across the four corners of Britain, and Canada! But it gives you an idea. I hasten to add that Sylvester McCoy is an honorary member only(and I don't think he knows it yet...) . Nicholas Courtney is a member, but I can't reveal in what capacity - hah!

Birmingham's Bad Wolf event was a successful weekend for my stall and an interesting one for everyone who had to travel to Birmingham from the south! I'm amazed so many people made it, many after nightmare journeys. Some didn't and that included a few guests, but everyone still had a good time. Eric Roberts was very popular indeed!

Hello to all the new people I met, and to the ones who came to say "Hi", who I've met at other events. It's always nice to see familiar, friendly faces!

It's all go to the next one now; Carnival of Monsters in Alfreton. I'm working on a portrait of Debbie Watling, one of Yoda, and a Stormtrooper picture, all to be finished before next weekend. Think I'll do it. No pressure!
Saw the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday - fab! Best so far, methinks...

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