Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Collectormania is always a fun event. It's local and there are lots of people to meet and network with. Gained some valuable information this weekend(you never stop learning!), spotted a few well known actors I've never seen in the flesh before, and best of all, my family were able to pop by to see me at work. Usually I'm all over the country at shows, and being only a one car household, they can't come and visit. No doubt when Rosie is older I might have a little helper accompanying me.

Oh, and on Sunday, we sold our house. Celebrations all round, though I won't feel completely happy until papers are signed...

Meanwhile, on with my outstanding commissions!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling !

For me the trouble with your stand at GMex was so many goodies and too little cash! Anyway my wife loves the print of "To Catch A Dream" we finally got on Sunday

Carolyn Edwards said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind comments. Glad your wife liked "To catch a Dream". One of my favourites, that one!