Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year, new horizons...

Managed to complete and deliver to its owner the above family portrait before the end of the year - phew!

Will be taking a few weeks off work now to move house and get settled. Living out of boxes, and tripping over them. Can't wait to get sorted in our new house, and back painting again!


Dave Mullen said...

Do you get a lot of such commisions carolyn and to what extent do you keep a record of your work?

Carolyn Edwards said...

Hi Dave!

Yes, I do get a lot of commissions. I keep a record of every piece of work I do in a special notebook.

It tells me the time taken to complete each piece, the date, the medium used, and the value.

All the information I compile helps me to give accurate quotes for future commissions, and keeps a tally of the work completed each year.