Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Darwen ahoy!

This week I'm getting all set to head off to Darwen, a little northern town 40 mins drive from Manchester. Fitting, I think that I attend my first Doctor Who event this year, the day the new series returns to our TV screens!
This is the new piece of artwork I'll be unveiling there. It replaces the last 10 Doctors composite drawing which unfortunately had the 2nd and 3rd Doctors the wrong way round! So many people didn't seem to notice, or were too polite to mention my deliberate mistake! ;)


Dave Mullen said...

That reminds me for some reason of Lee Sullivans various 'All-Together' pieces, I really like it!
It would make a nice Banner...

BTW Are you getting Anneke to sign her portrait? ;)

Docmartin said...

I think this is a beautiful piece of work. The detail is superb. Excellent.