Thursday, January 15, 2009

Star Wars cards approved (part one)

It's been a great Christmas. I did get a bit of a break at the end, which was a real treat, and involved a couple of sessions of free ice skating! Not only that, I was spoilt rotten by my family for my birthday! Rosie was beside herself with excitement over Christmas and we had to thoroughly tire her out on Christmas Eve, just to get her to sleep. It worked a treat and she enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day.
I completed my 53 Star Wars cards for Topps and they've now been approved. I tried out a four piece picture(see above). I'm hoping the dealers and collectors will have a headache trying to find the four cards and reunite them...!
As for the celebrity canvas, no news yet, but as soon as I hear, you'll be the first to know(that includes you Barnaby, oh yes!)...


Ric said...

Wow, these are brilliant! I like cards that join up :D

Barnaby said...

Woo-hoo!! I shall keep waiting with a worm on my tongue. Or baited breath, as other people call it.

Well done on the Topps cards, I'm absolutely loving the four-piece picture - what a great idea and what a great way of doing it. As always, I'm envious of and excited by your abilities. Grrr! Tee hee.