Friday, May 22, 2009

Listed tonight:

Davros and Dalek


The 11th Doctor

I'm currently praying that Royal Mail don't let me down and they locate the THREE sketch cards which went missing two weeks ago! Is it too much to expect registered mail items to reach their destination? I think not. My postmaster's suggestion I use Special Delivery in future did not go down well!

The commissions are piling in. I'm booked up for the next month, possibly more now. Will be starting a waiting list shortly.

Rosie is on 2 weeks half term from today, then 6 weeks after that on summer break for 5 weeks, so I will be restricted to working in the evenings only. Please be patient everyone who has commissioned me. It will be worth the wait, I promise! :)


one billion daleks said...

There's only one thing wrong with that sketch ... there's not enough daleks in it!

All The Best!

Carolyn Edwards said...

Well noted. They'll be on the NEXT card! :)