Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On eBay this week:

Sarah Jane Smith (Sold)


The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee


I'm currently working flat out trying to complete a pile of cards for Strictly Ink before the end of July. They will feature in the Big Screen Doctor Who Monochrome set, due out in August. There are lots of very fine artists working on this set!


Many apologies if the html links don't work, I seem to have a few gremlins messing with my system!

Hi and welcome to my newest follower(that sounds wrong somehow), Dis-cix. Good look with the allotment! I have tubs of potatoes, tomatoes, sweet red peppers and carrots coming along nicely in my back garden. No time for an allotment, unfortunately. :)

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dis1960 said...

Strictly Ink have got together an amazing group of artists there ( including Sean Pence, Leah Mangue, Joe Corroney and Nik ) but your image of Roy Castle is really excellent