Saturday, September 19, 2009

Topps Star Wars Clone Wars season 1

Here is my first batch of cards approved by Topps. I'm a third of the way through doing them now. I've worked out I need to do 7 cards a day to make the deadline. I'm managing that so far.
I'm having fun doing these, enjoying a more loose, cartoony style. Unfortunately I can never do the quick five minute sketch which would justify the amount we get paid for these cards. :) The quickest I can draw a card, and be happy with it, is 25 minutes. I don't like doing scribbles, or even saving my best work for the 6 back I'm entitled to. I know of some artists who do that, but I reckon people are paying out for boxes of these cards, I don't want them to be disappointed with what they 'pull'. Also I see each card as a representation of me and my work. So they need to be good! :)


Devlyn said...


I received one of your cards today. Kit Fisto - second row, last card. I had to track you down and say just how fantastic I thought it was and now I see them all! You're a very talented artist to be sure and your effort above and beyond are greatly appreciated by this art collector.


Carolyn Edwards said...

Many thanks for your kind comments, Todd. They are much appreciated. I did work hard on the set. Glad you are pleased with your card. I am awaiting my six-back from Topps as we speak. Fingers crossed they'll arrive soon. I'd like to get them out to collectors before Christmas!