Friday, October 23, 2009

On eBay tonight:
The 3rd Doctor:
I'm currently working on something special for the Darwen Doctor Who day. I'll post scans as soon as I've finished. I'm hoping to have some special limited edition prints of a two new pieces of artwork, one of which will feature all the current Doctors, as well as some exclusive sketch cards.
For more info on the event, follow this link:


dis1960 said...

You forgot to mention the 2nd Doctor and Jamie sketch you had on ebay auction at the same time but I'm glad it went so high

Hope you had a great time at Darwen

Carolyn Edwards said...

Many apologies, Douglas. I will be listing some more cards soon and won't be distracted by preparing for a show. I promise I'll post them here.

I'm sorry you lost the auction, but I'll have some more 2nd Doctor sketches to list very soon.

dis1960 said...

No problem - I do hope you had a good time at Darwen

( and that the Hallowe'en pumpkin was fab )

Carolyn Edwards said...

Yes, and yes. :-}