Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow, exciting times eh? New British Government, new Prime Minister and a Coalition. Who would have thought it? I pray it's the beginning of better times ahead and that the two parties can work together.
Working together for the good of the country has got to be good, rather than working against each other. Let's see if they can pull it off.

Right, politial rant over. :)

I seem to be on something of a Horror theme at the moment. The above cards were completed for a private collector recently. I'm also currently working on a set of large Horror and Sci-Fi cards for Breygent. Scans to follow, once I have approval.

I will be working on a new project shortly for another card company, which is also Horror related... as well as some special super large cards for Breygent.

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on private commissions when I can. There are some Lord of The Rings cards I'm hoping to get finished soon, as well as a painting of Christopher Ecclestone, and a proposed painting of all the 11 Doctors, which is there, completed in my mind and is, frankly an amazing testiment to my talent, heh! Just have to get it painted! Collecting photo reference as we speak.

I'm also in training for some charity runs. The first one is this weekend; a 5K one. I did a 3 and a bit mile run this morning and have been buzzing ever since! Then there's the big 10K in June. My aim is to run round, without stopping, in a decent time. Wish me luck!


dis1960 said...

Great images as always - but where/which films did the images come from - especially the one on the left where you must have spent ages making individual expressions for each skull

Good luck with the 10K run !

Carolyn Edwards said...

Hi Douglas,
The images for these cards were provided by the person who commissioned them. The first card is a composite from 'To the Devil a Daughter' and the second is from a magazine cover 'The House of Hammer', featuring a full film comic strip of 'Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. Hope that helps! :)