Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Time War

The above piece was completed yesterday(6th September). I've had it sketched out for a while. It shows the 8th Doctor just prior to his regeneration, at the end of the Time War.
I've titled it: "Let me die too."
Coloured pencils on sketch card stock.


DoctorDodge said...

Wow. Not only is this impressive stuff, this is EXACTLY how I imagined the 8th Doctor's final moments, right down to even the title. So glad I'm not the only one who's REALLY thought about this particular moment in the Time War (I'm the kind of fan who likes to imagine the 8th Doctor giving a REALLY good monologue in his final moments, Paul McGann's always been awesome at those)! More, please!

Carolyn Edwards said...

Thanks! It's great to read comments like yours. I know I'm doing a good job then. :o) As for more 8th Doc... I'll see what I can do.