Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ok, I'm playing catch-up, since it's half term, so work time is severely curtailed.

I've just updated my Gallery over at:

It contains most of my sketch card sets, all in one place(rather than having to scroll black through my Blog entries!).

I'm hoping to update it further soon.

I've also just finished a rather fun set for Cult-Stuff cards ~ Sherlock Holmes(see above).


Barnaby Eaton-Jones said...

Loving the third set of Sherlock Holmes cards (with Tom Baker and Michael Caine included - Caine's 'Without A Clue' is a little stroke of genius). If my version of Holmes, currently running on BBC Radio Glos, goes global at some point, can you do a sketch card of me? Ahem. xx

Gerald de Dios said...

Your Sherlock Holmes sets turned out wonderful! Especially the Sherlock silhouette with the smoke shaped as a question mark.

I finished up a handful myself and sending over soon. You've added some nice washes to each of your cards. This was the first time I worked on a sketch card set that had a waxy coating. It was challenging to hold my watercolors but works great with colored pencils. Well, glad to find your blog and to work on such a fun project with ya. Cheers!