Monday, May 13, 2013

Ooopsie, I've been very quiet over here, because I've been rather busy in other areas!

I'm currently working on the Joe Linsner Dawn set for Breygent. The first lot of approved cards are here:

I've also just added some new listings on eBay:

...and I've updated my Etsy shop too:

I'm in the process of ordering prints for the Comic Con in Manchester, which has just been moved back to November, and I'm wondering if I could possibly design a sketch book in time for the show too...

I have two new commissions to complete, plus other projects to start.  I've just completed a special front cover painting for the Doctor Who Myth Makers magazine, 50th Anniversary special, which will be revealed hopefully in the next couple of months. The special edition is being edited and prepared for print as I type! All I can reveal is that there *may* be some Doctors on the cover...!

Back in the real world, I complete parenting/house/cat keeping duties daily, juggling gymnastics, trampoline-ing and swimming lessons with piano and violin practice and Brownies - and that's just Rosie! For myself, I try and go Line-dancing one night a week, running one, or two mornings, archery another night, guitar/piano/violin/ukelele practice when I can...and then there's a possible Morris Dance troupe to join, as accompanying fiddler...and that's before I start any artwork!! When I say life is a bit hectic... I mean it! :-)

So please forgive the infrequent posts here. I try and update when I can. If you get tired of waiting and you are not a Facebook-a-phobe...I can be found over there more often than here.

Thanks for looking, and roll on Spring!!

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