Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sarah Jane and the Monsters...

I really enjoyed the new Sarah Jane Adventures episode over Christmas and I can't wait for the new series. So nice to see Sarah back after all these years! This new piece of artwork was unveiled at The Carnival of Monsters event yesterday in Alfreton, Derbyshire. I was a little worried no one would turn up, as the weather was so wintry. Indeed my morning drive from Manchester over the peak district was a little hairy at times, when I was unsure how my little micra would handle all the snow on the road. However my car coped brilliantly and loads of people turned up for the event, determined not to be put off by the weather!

A good time was had by all, especially the children, who took part in the fancy dress competition, Junior Mastermind and monster design competition. Colin Baker, Nicholas Courtney and the two children from the upcoming 'The Shakespeare Code' episode of Doctor Who; Hope Yeomans and Thomas Benikas were kept busy with autographs and questions, while Yeti, Autons and other monsters roamed the crowds.

The dealers all had a busy day and Steve Caldwell and I were kept on our toes too, in our Artists' corner! It was nice to meet so many new fans of the show, old and young. I certainly enjoyed comparing sonic scewdrivers with some youngsters - wonder who was the biggest kid?!

My drive back home was no less hairy, as thick fog made it difficult to see the road in places! But at least the snow had gone. I celebrated a successful day by treating my hubby John to an early valentines meal out. Our first time ever using a baby sitter - the lovely Jain from next door. Thank you Jain!

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