Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ogrons, Cybermen and Sycorax, oh my!

I love my job! It means I get to meet lots of really interesting people. I had the pleasure of chatting to Nicholas Briggs yesterday, at the Darwen Doctor Who event. What a friendly, approachable chappy he is!
Most of the guests I meet at these events, are as excited to be a part of Doctor Who as we 'ordinary' fans are, and Nick is no exception. I gained some interesting insights into what it is like to be an actor(and a fan) working on the show right now.
It was lovely to see Lisa Bowerman and Sophie Aldred again, and meet Will Barton, Mark Morris and Stuart Fell for the first time.

David Howe did a great job as MC for the day and The Hyde Fundraisers kept us all entertained with their monster costumes. The new Sycorax one is very impressive, and it was fun seeing the Ogrons challenging the Cyberman to a game of cricket!

Stuart Fell was a very entertaining Jester, inviting all the children to help him perform his magic tricks, much to their delight.

It's great to attend small, intimate events like these. The guests like the relaxed atmosphere and the fans get the chance to spend a bit more time with them, which they can't always do at larger events. Large and small events have their advantages and smaller ones, it seems reach people who might not to be able to afford a weekend away at the far ends of the country.

Yesterday's event also raised an impressive sum of money for Cancer Research UK.

Well done Graham! Please do another event next year. :)

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