Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, Alfreton was quite a disappointment in terms of print sales, or the lack of! All us dealers suffered, as the predicted crowds of people through the door decided to head for the beach instead, or the barbecue, or anywhere else outside in the glorious sun. And who would blame them after such a dismal summer so far? Luckily there were a few people who did come in to see Debra Watling, John Leeson and Kenny Baker. It can't be much fun being on stage with only a handful of people in the audience.

I spent most of the day painting behind my desk, so at least I got some work done, and I made a couple of contacts, which is always good and the reason one should always attend events - to network, and be seen. Even if the stall doesn't do well. Thankfully the stall does do well, most of the time. It was a pleasure to meet and chat to Debra Watling and have my portrait of her approved and to meet some new people, though not as many as usual. As already mentioned, the sunshine beckoned!

The one thing I really didn't enjoy on the day, was the screaming competition for budding (young) female companions of the Doctor... ouch!

This coming weekend, I'm on a long trek down to Somerset for a Dalek day at The Fleet Air Museum on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a good day this time. :) The above artwork is for the event.

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