Friday, August 17, 2007

Daleks, daleks everywhere...

The Dalek Invasion Event was a grand success. Over 2,000 people passed through the door, many of them still queueing to get in at 3pm! I think the organisers where taken by surprise by the crowds. I counted 9 daleks through the course of the day, many of them mobile and vocal! They were very popular with all the children. Steve and I were helped on our stalls by our friend and fellow Lord of Time; Maureen, whose company was much appreciated, as we were so busy all day!

I did manage to slip away and pay a quick visit to the resident Concorde. What a beautiful airplane. I can finally say I've been on Concorde, hah!

I was very impressed with Yeovilton Air museum. The staff were friendly, the displays beautifully presented and wonderfully interactive. It was well worth the long journey to get there.

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