Thursday, July 24, 2008

David Tennant immortalised

Alas, Hamlet appears to be sold out, right up until November! Ho hum.

In the meantime, I've completed the above portrait on a small box canvas. It's in the style of the John Barrowman one I did a few months ago.


Hazel said...

That is absolutley stunning. I really like that.

Was this done as a comission like the John Barrowman one?

Carolyn Edwards said...

Thank you Hazel.

This and the John Barrowman portrait were private projects. I wanted to try painting on canvas again!

I will be painting John again shortly, for a private commission.

Hazel said...

that's cool. I look forward to seeing your next piece on John.

Just out of interest what do you charge for your comissions on canvas?

Carolyn Edwards said...

My canvases start from £100 for an 8"x8" (like the Jon and David ones).