Monday, July 07, 2008

I've had a productive weekend! The Doctor's ladies are finished(I'm praying no one asks where Astrid is! Believe me, it wouldn't have worked composition-wise). And since Colin will be guest of honour at the Yeovilton event, I've done a portrait of him too. Still getting used to my new printer/scanner. Not happy with the results just yet. At least I've got my digi-cam to fall back on!


Daveym said...

I can't help but think 'the Doctors Ladies' would work better as a pencil work if the concept sketch is anything to go by... still, that's an interesting use of light on the finished piece.
Is that standard for you or the result of trial? The result looks unusually sharp & bright is all.:)

Dave M.

Carolyn Edwards said...

I'm carrying on a style I first used in the Ten Doctors piece. It's one I'm running with at the moment ;) I'm doing a Torchwood piece in the same style, though it will have a different background.

Yes, you're right, the Doctor's Ladies would work well as a pencil piece. Maybe I'll do that some time.