Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Darwen Doctor Who Day

I was up in deepest Lancashire on Saturday for The Dalek day at Darwen. It seemed to be a success, despite a disappointing turnout and the last minute cancellation of a major guest. The 20 odd people who did attend though had a good time, with a great interview panel led by David Howe and his partner Sam Stone, which included Eric Potts, Adrian Mills, Deborah Watling and Delia Lindon. The Hyde Fundraisers had an impressive line-up of creatures on display. I was particularly impressed with the Judoon trooper and committed him to sketch card when he wasn't looking. Just over 200 pounds was raised on the day for Cancer research. My original drawing of Rosita from The Next Doctor {above} raised 42 pounds towards that total.

I've decided to attend the Doctor Who Day at the Fab Cafe this coming Saturday, here in Manchester, since I have some stock left from last weekend. :-}

You can find details of the event here:



Dave Mullen said...

Hmm, I couldn't make it due to work commitments and general fatigue but if i HAD turned up to be met by this situation i'd have been mighty dissapointed.
It's a shame really as being fair Graham does invest a lot of time & effort into these events, he deserves better than this. But I think the Doctor Who scene has changed so much now, the familiarity and access to internet etc, I don't know if conventions on this scale can attract enough interest and work anymore; especially if basing it around old series guests.

Maybe that's my Cynicism showing thru though. ;)

Carolyn Edwards said...

It was a shame not to see you, Dave.

It was a shame there wasn't a better turnout too. Maybe Darwen is just too remote for people to get to? I don't know, but I think Graham could learn a thing or two from Erica, who puts on the Fab cafe events. They are small and intimate, but always well attended, and her guests never cancel!