Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fab Cafe event in Manchester last weekend, was rather 'Fab', for want of a better word. 'Fans Like Us' once again put on a great show, and all their guests made it too! There was a great atmosphere, and it was lovely to be made welcome and see some familiar faces. I did some work while I was there, completing a couple of sketch cards, despite the poor light, while I listened to the various panels. Sylvester McCoy was on good form, as were Terry Molloy, Mary Tamm and Terence Dicks(who sounds more and more like Patrick Moore to me, these days), among others. Charlie Ross kept things lively as interviewer and compere. I got the impression the audience had a great time.

At the time, I didn't know it, but I was coming down with a nasty dose of flu, which completely knocked me flat for the rest of the week. I'm used to being able to soldier through illnesses and still be able to function on some level, but this had me completely at the mercy of friends and family, who had to step in and get my daughter to and from school. I don't know when I last felt so ill!

Thankfully I'm on the mend, if somewhat slower than I would like and my appetite is coming back too. Non too soon, as the work doesn't stop coming in, even when you're ill!

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