Thursday, May 24, 2007

Margaret Slitheen

I don't believe it, I managed to complete a piece of artwork in one day today! What a rarity that is. I even have bum-ache from sitting so long painting. It's a rarity, because I'm usually breaking off to do housework, run after Rosie and do countless other little jobs. Today, with Rosie at nursery in the morning, then taking a THREE hour nap in the afternoon, I was lucky indeed.

Right. Onto the next painting for The Oncoming Storm Event. It's nose to the grindstone time for the next couple of weeks.

A note for Graham: Don't worry, I've not forgotten your painting. I'm working on the revised composition sketch in spare moments. I'll be able to do more with it after The Oncoming Storm. Speak to you soon. :)

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