Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Accounts...what accounts??

Well, I didn't get very far with my accounts. They're on hold again! There are much more interesting artwork commissions to finish!
I really enjoyed drawing the 'Slave Leia' card set for a gentleman in the USA. I went to town with colours and detail.
Gandalf is the first of many cards commissioned by another gentleman, who loves Lord of the Rings. I've been wanting to do some work in this genre for a while, so I'm really enjoying this project too.
The 'Fun run' was challenging. I actually found it harder going than the 10k! This is due to a number of factors. First, the weather was blisteringly hot, which is hard to run in. Second, I missed my running partner, Jain, who's away on her hols. So I had no one to pace me.
Thirdly, I made the mistake of starting off with the front runners(totally against race etiquette, according to my hubby!) I'd thought since it was a 'Fun-Run, it wouldn't matter. As a result I experienced the demoralising sensation of nearly the whole field of some 500+ runners passing me before we'd even finished our lap of the football field and headed out to the run proper! I now know my place, and it's at the back! I am NOT a fast runner! :)
I kept up a steady pace though, didn't stop, or walk, and got there in my own time. I even managed a bit if a sprint to the finish line with a lady who'd started the race with me, left me behind, and who I'd caught up with before the end. Much better to finish with someone, rather than on my ownsome. And there were still people finishing long after me, so I wasn't right at the back, as I'd feared. I went back to the finish line to cheer them on, proudly wearing my new medal. It's all good experience. I think I'll concentrate on just running to keep fit for a while now. I learnt a lot that day. :)

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