Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Folky Fiddling Free

Oh to lazy days in the sun ~ just a wistful memory for most of us busy adults, most of the time.
I managed to recapture that memory, briefly this weekend just gone. I threw my little tent in the back of the car, and a few essentials, and drove down to Leicester and Demontford Hall for The Big Session weekend. This is a great event, organised and hosted by The Oyster Band. Tons of great eclectic folk music, from Billy Bragg and Adrian Edmondson to The Levellers and Edward II. I was particularly impressed with Ella Edmondson, Adrian's daughter, who is a definite rising star. I bought her album right after hearing her set.
I had a wonderful time and even managed a sit out in the sun, just soaking up the music(with sketchbook in hand, trying to design a logo for my business - never completely stop working!). It was a strange feeling not to have to BE anywhere, or to DO anything! The above picture is of me playing £1500 pounds worth of violin!
I particularly enjoyed the evening jam sessions which took place on the camp site. I picked up some great chords. Next year I'm taking the rest of the family AND my fiddle and guitar!

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