Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Racing to a standstill

I'm tackling my accounts this week(bane of my year!), while nursing aching legs from my first ever 10k race last Saturday. My friend Jain and I completed the run without stopping once, in a respectable time of 1hr 5mins. I've only been running for 6 months, so I'm rather proud of myself! I started out just wanting to get fitter, now I want to get more medals!! Couldn't have done it without Jain's encouragement!

We also got soaked, because the rain pelted down all day long, and we had to dodge many walkers, puddles, boggy bits, trees and Tatton Park's resident deer. Next time, I think we'll try our chances with the runners, instead of going off with the walkers and joggers!

It's all in a good cause tho. We took part in the Race For Life, a women only event, which raises money for Cancer Research, by organising runs across the UK. Many of the walkers we were weaving in and out of, indeed just about every woman taking part had been touched in some way or other by cancer. I have lost a couple of friends to it. It was humbling to read all the dedications. Despite the weather, there was a great atmosphere, and sense of solidarity. Can't wait to do another one.

I've lined up another run for this coming Saturday. It's a local 'Wobble' of only 5.5k, so should be fun!

I can see how this could get addictive!


Phil Anthony "PAL95" said...

Well done for completing the run, Carolyn! And it's an amazing cause too! One of my aunts suffered with breast cancer a few years ago, needed surgery. It's something she's still coming to terms with but she's strong.

I was about to say good luck for this coming Saturday but actually by now you will have already attended the run.

So instead I will say hope it was a good day for you, with no rain. It's nice that so many people can get together for such a lovely event!

Carolyn Edwards said...

Thank you, Phil!

I was amazed to see so many people affected by Cancer, and that was just the women!